Power of Ten Leadership Academy

Are you looking for a way to discover your full potential now that you're a practicing veterinarian?

Designed to cultivate leadership skills and provide important real-world learning experiences, the Power of Ten Leadership Academy will provide 10 recent graduates (graduated from a college of veterinary medicine within the last 5-7 years) with four leadership development sessions over a year-long period.

MVMA will provide topic experts and food at NO CHARGE for participants. This program provides insight on how to tackle real-world situations within your practice and explores the benefits of becoming a more well-rounded professional.

Participants are offered four leadership development sessions that occur over one year. During the sessions, participants will learn from industry experts as they cover the following:

  • Team building, staff leadership and relationship building with outside groups
  • Media Training - effective communications and public speaking
  • Personality assessments – understanding yourself and others to develop effective strategies to deal with different or difficult people/colleagues
  • Understanding generational differences
  • Best practices in human resources and practice management
  • Legislation affecting veterinary medicine
  • Work/life balance and personal wellness

The next Power of Ten session will return in 2025





Get your practice owner to commit to supporting your involvement in this initiative since it means you will likely miss four days of work for these important sessions over a one-year period. Fill out the Power of Ten Leadership Academy Application Form and wait to hear from us!