Mission Statement

One voice promoting professional excellence in veterinary medicine & advancing animal well-being & public health.

Vision Statement

A safe and healthy Michigan for animals, veterinarians and the public through a progressive, responsive, trusted and unified association.

As a professional community, MVMA exists to create these impacts:

  1. Members are energized to:
    Embrace excellence and innovation in veterinary medicine 
    Develop business acumen and use quality management practices in their businesses
    Engage in the important work of MVMA 
    Access tools to enhance their well-being 
  2. Veterinarian scope of practice is protected.
  3. Veterinary continuing education is accessible and affordable in Michigan 
  4. Legislators understand how veterinary medicine impacts public health
  5. Animal Owners and guardians look to MVMA as the voicce of accurate information about animal health and care 
  6. The public becomes aware of concerns of animal agriculture and the under-served areas of veterinary medicine 

The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association has advanced the standard of veterinary care statewide since 1883. We monitor state legislation and regulations that pertain to veterinary medicine. With the assistance of a professional legislative consultant, members and staff interact with the state legislature, state executive office and state departments on issues of importance to veterinarians. The MVMA also employs a public relations firm which helps produce programs to educate the public about veterinary medicine and animal health care.

The Michigan Veterinarian is the quarterly newsletter that, along with our electronic publications, keeps members current on state veterinary issues. The association also offers an array of other services to assist members and provides continuing education for veterinarians and related professionals.  It serves as a resource for information on the practice of veterinary medicine to both members and the public, including assistance with referrals.

Today’s veterinarians are the only doctors trained to protect both human and animal health. They work in private practice and in government and provide a vital contribution to public health. They identify and prevent diseases that can be transferred from animals to humans, provide a critical role in food supply safety and are key to homeland security.